The Officers

All of the officers who work at the unit are members of the Canadian Armed Forces. They are reserve officers who are members of a branch called the Cadet Instructors Cadre. This means their specific job, as part-time members of the Canadian Armed Forces, is to train cadets and administer the cadet program.

The cadet corps is not a “Canadian Armed Forces Unit”. As such, the officers are actually members of a unit called Regional Cadet Support Unit (Atlantic) based in Shearwater, Nova Scotia. They all answer, ultimately, to the Commanding Officer of RCUS(A).

The CO of RCSU(A), Cdr Larry Trim, delegates responsibilities to three Areas.

The Officer in Charge of the NB/PEI Area, Maj Barry Waters, oversees all cadet units in the two provinces. He is the direct supervisor of each cadet unit commanding officer. He has staff officers (the Zone Training Officers) who assist him in supervising and managing the cadet units. 140 Kingston Peninsula RCACC is located in the Gagetown South Zone, and our Zone Training Officer is Capt Victor Belleville.

The commanding officer of the local cadet unit, Captain Jason MacDonald, is responsible for overseeing all training, ensuring that training meets the standards outlined nationally by the National Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group (Nat CJCR Sp Gp), managing staff at the unit, and liaising with sponsors and the league.

All decisions that are made at the cadet unit are made on the authority of the commanding officer of the the unit, who derives his authority from the Area OIC at 5CDSB Gagetown, who derives his authority from the CO RCSU(A) in Shearwater, who derives his authority from the commander of Nat CJCR Sp Gp in Ottawa, BGen K.L. Woiden.

The Civilian Staff

Civilian Instructors and Civilian Volunteers serve to further support the training and administration of the unit. They normally come with a specialized set of skills that they use to enhance the cadets’ learning.

The Sponsoring Committee

The sponsoring committee has three main functions:

  1. Assist with recruitment of cadets and staff for the unit.
  2. Raise funds to support the mandatory and complimentary training programs.
  3. Manage the finances of the unit.

The sponsoring committee is normally made up of a group of parents who meet briefly during regular training once a month.

The Official Sponsor

The official sponsor of 140 Kingston Peninsula RCACC is Branch 62 of the Royal Canadian Legion. They provide us with a space for a number of our mandatory, complimentary and optional training activities, as well as space for all of our equipment storage.

The League

The cadet program is a partnership between the Department of National Defense and the three leagues. We are represented at the League level by a member of the Army Cadet League of Canada – New Brunswick. The League supports us in the following ways:

  • providing input concerning the appointment of the unit CO
  • seeking out potential civilian instructors in the community and screening potential volunteers
  • advancing concerns with either the unit CO or the league/sponsor
  • organizing campaigns in the community to attract potential cadets
  • participating in the selection process for senior cadets
  • providing adequate office and training facilities, and insurance
  • participating in the selection process for honours and awards
  • supporting and participating in ceremonies as appropriate
  • establishing good relations with the local community and media in collaboration with the unit

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